20 October 2011-22.45 pm

I was trying to call her and hope that she will pick up her phone and same it seems like no answer at all&she didn’t pick the phone up.I feel very worried plus miserable.I don’t know why suddenly she become like this….I cannot concentrate on my work today and my mind is always thinking about her status…My heart is getting pain….but i try to make myself strong.I dont know whats wrong with her.Suddenly she is trying to avoid me?am i Being blocked by her once again?What did i do?During this friendship,i never lie and im being honest&sincere all the time…but why she treat me like this?Like i did something wrong that cannot be mercy at all.WHY?WHY?WHY??????I feel like my heart is going to explode.I know who i am,im not suitable for u to be ur special but at least treat me like a human &also as a friend.Please dont ignore me….This is really hurt my feeling…..im trying to save this friendship&im pretty sure&still believe that this friendship can be long lasting&i still believe and trust her….But why she dont wanna give me a chance&being cruel with me?Why all the girl around the world wanna treat me like this????…
My heart is really hurt&broken….i really have no mood to do anything…..i feel like i wanna bring myself out from this world……I really care,love and trust her……Please Ita,dont ignore and treat me like this….I beg u….Im being patience with u all the time during this friendship just because i want to know u more&deeply….All i did is sincere and honest….And once again,sry if i do some shits that make u feel bad.I really didn’t mean to do that…..
I hope we are still friend…I know that ur trying to avoid me.Sry if im being like a jerk or an asshole but what i did is to save this friendship…I dont wanna lost one of the person that i really care&important in my life…Once again,Im sry Ita….

I always think of u when i &reminds me about u when i heard this song….I cant stop myself to love and think about u

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20 October 2011

Time goes so fast.Too much thing happen within these period.I dont know how to say but i feel so upset&sad.all these thing really tests my patience.I dont know how long i can stand all this…family matters and also love matters…Sometime i feel like im jz a stupid guy who fall in love to the girl that i’ve admired and was my strength and power of inspiration,Ita(I dont need to mentioned her full name).What an on earth happen?Honestly i dont have any idea why she keep ignoring me.What did ive done?am i being an ass all the time during these friendship?I love her but i don’t mind if she don’t wanna accept my love on her but at least please respect&treat me like a man,human&friend.Sometime i feel like my patience is reached the limits but because of i love her deeply,i jz ignore all those pain&i took all the pain&carry it by my own.Why she suddenly become weird?Whats else did i done that makes u feel wanna avoid me?Tell me and i wanna know.And please…be honest to me like what i did…..I still believe and trust her…I really love her and I already planned and set my mind if i winning her heart successfully,i wanna propose her to be my wife.I wanna marry her.I want her to become my wife.I wanna spend all rest of my life with her&her family.What I’ve done with her during these relationship are 100% sincere and honest.Why should i lie to her?WHY?My heart is really hurt and it bleeding very badly but i make myself stand still and be strong.I know it is pain like ass but….ah….i really have no idea what the hell im thinking right now….My heart is very miserable….I cannot concentrate in everything…….Dear Allah,please give me a strength to face these world that full of cruel&fake…..

To Ita….i DO really hope that u are being honest with me since we know in july.I still remember everything about u.I still have a fate and believe that Allah have united both of us to be together….I DO Really hope that u saw how sincere and serious i am to know about u in everything.Please…give me a chance to know u more Ita&don’t be so cruel to me……I FUCKING LOVE U……

May Allah bless u&protecting u with ur family Ita.If i have a chance,i wanna see ur beautiful smile once again…..I wanna meet u badly&hopefully Allah can reunite us once again…as Official Husband and Wife…..

I will always waiting and loving u Ita…..I miss u so fking much…..

Sry all,im very sad,upset&my heart is really hurt right now….Thx for reading…

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12 June 2011

I just back from work.Kinda tired but its ok as long as i can chat with my angel…but the things is still same.I don’t know why so hard to have a nice conversation with her.I really cant stopped myself from missing her so much.Every time when she is online in her her messenger.I feel so happy and energetic but when it comes to conversation,she keep making her self silent and i feel like im talking with myself.Sometime i lost my patience but because i already fall in love at her,it is hard for me to released it.It is really hurt but well i have to be more patience in order to winning her heart and then i wanna propose her.I have no idea how to make her feel happy to talk with me.I really wanna know her deeply but she keep herself too secret.God,please help me.It is really hurting me.I miss her so much…

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6 June 2011

Hey peeps!thx for reading my humble blog.actually this is the date where i knew someone.Who?hehehe….she is a girl.Knowing her from one of the matchmaking website called MyJodoh.Net.Her name was Ita.At the first time,she is sending me a message wanna know and be friend with me and i accept it.After that we are having a lil introduction…and then i saw her avatar where she put her real pic.I was very curious why she quickly change her pic on avatar.Then both of us were exchanging our facebook.I look at her profile and….OMG WTH!!!….it is an angel that went down from the sky with a beautiful and sweet face.OMG…I feel like a stone in that moment.Is this called LOVE in the 1st sight?She is totally sweet.I feel like some powerful source surroundings me and i feel very energetic.From that moment….i feel that my life is wonderful and im starting to talk with her.Although she is a shy girl and not giving any respond much on me…but i think she is busy with her own things and also a shy girl….very shy girl…even she didnt want to tell her true name at me.Im so curious…..But yeah,i feel a bit sad because she didnt wanna talk a lot and this is my 1st time in my whole life that i NVR talk with a girl using the “i&u” terms towards the opposite gender.Since then,i had started to change my dressing in order to look more smart&awesome…in order to meet ITA…ah…hope so soon she can accept it.Damn i cannot stand her sweety face especially when i saw her picture matching with kimono.So terrifically awesome CUTE&SWEET!!!!!OMG what happen to me?and im start to thinking to flirt her and once when i success,im gonna propose her and married with her.I think im fall in love with Ita and i cannot stop thinking about her day by day….I miss her so much.But i need to know her&her family background 1st.
To be honest,she was the most hardest girl that i ever saw in my entire life that is absolutely hard to tell about herself at me.But i need to be more patience about Ita.I wanna know her more.God,please make Ita fall in love at me and then both of us can get married&become a lovely husband and wife.I hope that this time im not gonna miss a chance to know her deeply and winning her heart.To Be honest,i never have any special relationship with a girl and all the girl that i like and know before Ita was already married&engage.Sometime i mad at myself because being so stupid to not accepting the girl….sigh…i am so lonely even tho i have lotsa friend.But yeah no matter what,this time,im not gonna miss the chance in order to winning Ita’s heart.Please pray and bless for both of us to be together and forever.But for now…i wanna be her friend 1st so i can know her family background.

Ita,I love u and I Miss u so much…….If u read this i want to express my feeling towards u.Even we never meet face to face yet but i hope that soon we can meet face to face….Im so happy and very proud to know Ita.She is my inspiration to become more strong and skillful.I cant wait to meet her someday….She is my angel,she is my princess…she is my queen and that girl is Ita….<3

ITA…..I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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2011,Year of Challenger

Hello everyone.

It has been a long time i didn’t write my personal blog.Today i feel like i wanna write down something about me.The time is keep moving very fast and now it is already in the middle of the 2011.

So many thing has happen….I’m now working in 1 of the local animation studios as a storyboard and clean up artist.Yeah i do love my job but full of challenge where u need to chase the crazy dateline.But yeah life must go on…we are not going to be young but we will going to be old and die soon.So I need to change myself to become much more better and good thinker.I do love my workplace but at the same time i hate it.Why?well many of my studio mate which is a very good worker was quitting because they cannot stand the stress,too much dirty politic happened in my workplace and many more.But as long as i do my job it will be fine.I’ll just take it as a challenge for me to become more strong.What happen if this kind of small things i cannot stand will be facing with the other challenger that much more worst and critical than the situation that happen in my place right now?I must become strong no matter it costs!!!.But yeah,life must go on and i cannot going back.I need to walk straightforward to the ladder of success no matter what.

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June 14,2010

The fever of FIFA world cup football has begin.Kinda excited but the match between France against Paraguay are absolutely boring&I’m kinda upset with the performance that made by France’s football team seems that I’m one of their supporter -_-.Well hopefully they will improve their performance in the next match.Oh well that was not the main point I’m writing my blog today to express myself what im doing right now,what I’m thinking&what do i feel today.

Let’s straight to the point.Honestly,June 11 is an unexpected day with a happy&shocking news where i have chatted with a girl that already didn’t contact since we are studying in Diploma before.Her name was Nor Suhada Binti Jaapar…well she was one of my friend from Kolej Poly-tech MARA,Alor Star,Malaysia.She was in my group during our orientation day before.She was a sweet,kind&always giving her sweet smiles and i like to see her sweet smile with a cute face of her.She always reprimanded me when we meet together.I really love to see her face&her smile but well I’m too shy to respond and i just make myself silence in that time.She always asked about how i am doing now,hows going,already take a dinner/breakfast.And i just keep myself silence and replied her answer with a smile.After that she didn’t talk to me anymore,maybe because i made her feel bored because i didn’t talk to her.And then after we all finished our diploma,everyone of my friend were heading to their own life path.Some of them already married&have a child,some of them going to oversea,working,open their own business and many more.I’m kinda curious and was looking for Suhada in Face book in order to keep in touch with her.After that,i was successfully found her profile in face book&i feel very happy.I added her&she agree.Then i check her profile and i was…OMG,she married:D!!!.I’m kinda shocked in that moment when i saw her status and also her daughter.Suhada already become a mother.I’m very shocked but at the same time i was very happy to see her with her new family&her daughter.She have a very cute daughter…just like her mother.But in the deep of my inner heart,i feel kinda regret of myself because i didn’t try to show to her that i like her but well it is in history.Let the past be the past as long as i can see her happy&sweet smile.I don’t know why that feeling are suddenly playing&come into my mind.How stupid i am.I was thinking that day(during the orientation day),i have a feeling that she have a feeling towards me but i feel like””should i accept her or not?,am i suitable for her?,bla bla bla….”so many question were playing around my head.But life must go on.Maybe that is not my fate to be with her or so.Well life must go on.As long as i can keep in touch with her as a friend,I’m already satisfied.Most important thing is she love her life now&happy with it.I was thinking to flirt her if she is still single now but i am absolutely 100% wrong.She already married and yes i believe she was satisfied&happy with her own family.I have a feeling that she have a very cute daughter with an awesome husband.Gratz Su.May Allah bless u&your whole family.Hopefully i can meet your family especially your daughter when the time has come…i mean when we have a chance to meet soon ^_^

Anyway,both of us were having a very nice chat on Face book.And i didn’t expected she will private messaging me and have a chat with me tho.I was trying to talk with her but suddenly she take her 1st move.And it is like oh my she knew i wanna talk with her.Hahahha so funny&cute:P.

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May 25,another silence midnight

Just back from work 3 hours ago.Kinda tired.My housemate and i was having a problem where there is an intruder called rat coming to our home and messed up our house including my rice -_-“.This is really make me pissed off seems that the packet of rice was my only way to have my breakfast,lunch&dinner since i don’t have money because of my salary is too low -_-.My housemate and i was decided to declare a war against these rat&its fellowship who messed up our house with their shit around and playing around inside our garbage.Actually we all already keep silence and calm our self but this time those rat are over acted.They didn’t know they messed with who.I am the commander of Eternal,one of the most strongest clan in Q-World.How dare they come to my house and make testing my patience!!!And then my housemate & i was setting the rat trap in order to eliminate our enemy seems they are messed up with us badly.I’m officially declare war against these rat and the war is officially begin.Come out and play u stinky fat ass dirty farted ugly creatures gay rat!!!!RAWRRRR!!!!!

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My 1st short film animation in my whole life ^_^

Hello everyone.Well for your information,this is my 1st short film animation that i made for my last semester which is my final year project.Actually I’m thinking to remake my animation back but due to my pack schedules i was unable to get a free time to make but i will remake my animation when I’m 100% have a time to fix it.Sorry for the quality but i will try my best to improve&enhanced my animation&other artwork in the future.Thanks in advance everyone who read and those who watch my simple&humble animation here.Please kindly leave any comment in order to improve my skill in artwork and my animation via here or in my You tube’s channel.

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May 18,2010…Silent midnight…

I jz back from work.Same as usual,i’m bored to death.Well im not sure whether the rumors are right or wrong.I jz heard a news from my friend worker that the girl i wanna b friend with will going to ended her single with another guy.Mayb she was right.Yeah,i realize she have already have someone in her heart.These sunday gonna be her wedding day.Hm,actually to be honest,i’m kinda sad but not frustrated.I knew this will happen and i already expected this will happen.Oh well,imma slow poke in this thingy although i know i’m the best&awesome.Well life must go on tho.Kinda losing my mood right now because of this news but well..i wont give a damn to this silly love thing that may break my strong will.HELL NO!!!…There are many unfinished thing that i’m not done yet&i must get it no matter what.Oh well,goodbye Miss Linda.I’ll pray for ur happiness with ur new future husband.I’m going to be more strong and i hate being a loser&weak!!!!.Fuck,right now i don’t have any fucking mood to do any fucking thing like playing online games…updating my artwork…my Q-World fan video….damn this….I knew this will happen!!!…Be strong Ryo…..just forget these fucking tard sad and miserable thing…..

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May 15,2010

I jz back from work.Feel a lil bit tired.I went to meet the girl that i wanna know but unfortunately she went back home early.Oh well,missed again another chance.Hm,i wonder if she wanna be friend with me or not.I’m still thinking on how to know her well.She is a good girl with an awesome and beautiful smile on her face.And then i just went back to my house with an empty stomach.I feel hungry.I have no mood to eat pizza meals in my place.Having a rice is more nicer than having a pizza and it will b more wonderful if i can meet the girl that i really wanna meet with.I don’t know when i will have a chance to meet her.Anytime i saw,i only manage to saw her from a far place.I’m so happy when i see her smiling.It is tremendously beautiful.I really wanna see her smile on her face again.Hopefully….

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